Summer 2021 – Prices for Our Three Hour Package:

  • London, face-to-face – £230 [currently suspended due to Covid – please see Zoom and Skype options below]
  • Bath/Bristol, face-to-face – £150 [currently suspended due to Covid – please see Zoom and Skype options below]
  • Skype/Zoom – £150
  • One hour refresher Zoom/Skype session (also available for experienced hires who have already been through the three hour training package) – £50

We offer face-to-face mock interviews in London, Bristol, and most towns and cities around the South West/M4 corridor – up to and including Birmingham, with a follow-up telephone or Zoom/Skype training session to make sure the learning is embedded. Alternatively, telephone or online sessions are popular and effective.  Caroline has provided on-line interview skills training internationally, with good results.

Our prices are dependent on location – please let us know if you would like details of alternative locations.

Our two stage process:

  • Initial telephone discussion: please feel free to call to talk about the areas you want to focus on; all sessions are tailored to you.
  • Mock interview: we start off having an in-depth look at your CV, followed by a full interview covering a wide range of competency areas. After each answer we will look at what went well and how it could have been improved.
  • If there are any gaps in your experience we can take some time to look at how you can go about providing evidence of those competencies. Additionally, we can advise what your interviewer will be looking for, how they will process the information you give them, and how to behave in an interview setting. In total, including feedback, this session will last approximately two hours.
  • To conclude you will be helped to develop an action plan covering key areas to work on before your Zoom/Skype follow-up session.
  • The follow-up session will put into practice the learning points from your first session.  Previous feedback suggests that this is a really important part of the process.  This session will take approximately an hour.