Indigo Hare was the perfect preparation before my interview. You really helped me to recognise my own strengths and the practice questions were invaluable before the interview. Also the list of typical questions narrowed down by firm was really useful and impossible to find elsewhere.

PS / Newcastle University

I was very impressed by my experience with IndigoHare, Caroline cared about helping me as much aspossible, undertaking work outside of the sessions to prepare me as fully for my interview as she could.
The process helped me develop skills which initially I found unnatural, but which are vital during the recruitment process. I believe that the progress I made will be instrumental in securing employment in the future, and would like to thank Caroline sincerely for her help.

TG / Edinburgh University

I highly recommended these sessions as a great way to prepare for your real interview. These sessions helped me build my confidence and identify my most relevant strengths and S-T-A-R stories; many of the examples that I have used in my real interviews have come from brainstorming with Caroline. I felt that Caroline really cared about my success, she was very patient during our sessions and replied promptly to all my emails.

T.T. / UCL, University of London

I came out of the practice interview feeling a lot more confident about the real thing! At first it scared me as I realised how unprepared I was at that point but I was able to focus my preparation and the subsequent Skype interview was great for going over everything. I secured a place on the vacation scheme of a top 10 law firm.

Bristol University student

I truly enjoyed the whole course of interview preparation. Lessons are very well structured and towards the end of it you know what is expected from you. After having lessons with Caroline via Skype I feel more (much more!) confident about the coming interview. Furthermore, Caroline provides constructive feedback not only on how you answer interview questions, but also on those areas of CV that could be improved. Also additional materials (links to relevant websites, articles, etc) are very helpful too. From now on I know to whom I should be referring in case of any help needed with job applications.

G.B. / Warwick University

The process was extremely useful. Before the mock interview I thought I knew how to answer competency questions correctly. It turned out I had a lot to improve upon! I definitely needed the initial session to understand where my weaknesses were and Caroline taught me how to improve my answers. The Skype session was great as I was able to use what I’d learnt and practise the questions again in a situation which more closely represented how prepared I would be for the actual interview two days later. I’ve managed to secure a job with a Big 4 Firm and Caroline played a major part in that. She explained exactly what recruiters are looking for, asked the relevant competency questions and provided constructive criticism along the way. I really don’t know if the outcome would have been the same without Caroline’s help!

Bristol University student

Fantastic preparation for a professional interview, made me much more confident and aware of what to expect. Improved my interview technique in every aspect, was extremely thorough and went above and beyond to prepare me.

J.A. / Bristol University

An amazing opportunity to practice my interview skills, which gave me more confidence for the interview.

Cass Business School student

Firstly, the fact that I had to practice answering to someone that has many years of experience hiring people for highly competitive jobs, made me feel confident about my competencies. This really added value to my preparation, I think that just practicing the STAR structure with a friend is quite different than doing it with someone who is going to be pointing you key details of your answers that can make the difference in a real interview.
Secondly the fact that you helped me realise that I had more skills than I had initially thought improved my confidence for some competencies I thought I could not answer confidently.
Finally, practicing and the exercise of matching my skills to the competencies you were looking for allowed me to get rid of some confusions and misinterpretations on what experiences I had to use to answer each question.
I believe my experience with you was of extreme value, your X-ray interviews made me feel I was going through the real thing. The practice and the confidence I got out of the sessions definitely made me feel I got an investment bargain. I have recommended your services to the people I will not be competing against.

I.M. / Edinburgh Napier University

The interview helped me to better understand how to structure answers to competency questions and think reflectively on how my experiences benefited me and how they could be applied to specific competency areas.

York University Student

Caroline helped me with each part of my interview preparation and the interview was really similar to what we prepared so I’m really happy and glad that she helped me. I will definitely recommend her to my friends that need interview techniques and coaching.

M.A. / Oxford Brookes University & Cass Business School

Caroline is quick and efficient at organising Skype timings and works around your time schedule the best she can. She often emails you appropriate questions for your skype interview and the feedback is constant throughout the session. The feedback is both positive and negative, enabling you to improve.

Francis Samasuwo / University of Warwick

The list of all possible questions that may come up is actually very helpful, about 50% of questions actually came up during my interview. It was particularly useful when you went through my education history and overall background and identified potential areas where the interviewer may have similar questions.

Aston University student

I found that I had benefitted from the constructive feedback such as mixing up my tenses and including the STAR Approach for my interview answers. I thought I was prepared for interviews and I realised I had a lot to learn and I had to control my nerves, but over time I had gained confidence and I was less nervous and the answers were coming quickly and readily. I would happily use this service again for any interview I had coming up.

S.C. / University of Huddersfield

Insightful and helpful. Tips about STAR model application – it was a real value adding tool which helped me to structure answers and present my professional experience. Feedback about my personal peculiarities not to directly answer the question asked. It was a really insightful comment which boosted me to analyse this further and start to change this approach. Thank you very much for your efforts and extra time you spent interviewing me. I feel much more confident now.

Maria S / Manchester Business School

Very well structured interview and detailed feedback session. The mock interview was tailored to me, in the sense that we covered the main competencies applicable to the graduate scheme I was applying for. Also the feedback I received was detailed, covering everything from my body language to my tone of voice.
The mock interview setting was very professional, similar to real interviews I have had, however Caroline made me feel at ease, which has in turn provided me with the self-confidence that I need to tackle future interviews. It is evident that Caroline has many years’ experience in graduate HR and can clearly be differentiated from other interview advice services. In today’s competitive graduate job market you must be prepared and I feel a mock interview will prove to be crucial, therefore this service is invaluable.

J.J. / Queen Mary, University of London

I felt a boost of confidence after I’d had a lesson with Caroline via Skype. She approaches the interview in a very professional way: covers all the competency areas, gives detailed and constructive feedback, and practical advice. Most of the questions we covered actually came up.

Z.S. / Ernst & Young LLP, Kazakhstan, University of York

Insightful/good advice. Plethora of questions pre-assessment day. Injection of confidence. I feel prepared for interview now as initial worries have been put at ease.

A.L. / Queen Mary, University of London

I found the interview skills training session very helpful. Parts of the interview you benefited most from:
• Structuring of the answers.
• Wording of the answers.
• Overall ability to predict possible competency questions from an interviewer’s point of view.

Bharath Vadhoola / LSE

Within a few hours, a huge amount of ground is covered. I opted for interview preparation for all the Big Four. Caroline seems to possess a lot of knowledge about the Big Four recruitment process, particularly insofar as interviews are concerned, and this can help focus a candidate’s answers on what the Big Four are hoping to hear from their prospective graduates. Naturally, those aspiring to join any of the mid-tiers will also benefit from this preparation.

Anthony / Lancaster University

Would just like to say thank you for the help that you gave me.  I passed the Fast Stream Assessment Centre that I took in the beginning of December which I, at least partially, put down to the help that you gave me, it helped not just for the interview but for other assessments from when I was there.  I’ve been offered a post as an Assistant Economist, in the fast stream, at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

University of London